TROKUT TEST GROUP is a group of 5 companies, specialized in sales of NonDestructive Testing equipment, Mechanical Testing equipment , Quality Control, Preventive Maintenance equipment and Security equipment.

TROKUT TEST GROUP has started its activities in December 2010 in Zagreb (Croatia); In July 2011 our company in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina was founded; In December 2011 our company in Sofia, Bulgaria was founded; In February 2012 our company in Belgrade, Serbia, was foundend; In October 2013 our company in Ljubljana, Slovenia was founded.

TROKUT TEST GROUP is active in the following countries:

Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Slovenia, Albania, Kosovo

TTG Targets :

- To be a reliable and cost effective solution provider

- To supply the best quality equipment and consumables, corresponding with the worldwide standards

- To keep specialists informed about new technologies and sollutions

- To develop new inspection technologies

- To perform on the highest level of after sales support

TTG Strenghts :

- TROKUT TEST GROUP offers consumables and equipment which are produced by leading companies in their field

- TROKUT TEST GROUP employees regularly participate in various educative activities, in order to enhance their expertise and provide high quality services


We hope for a longterm and successful cooperation with you and your company!


Your Trokut Test Team

TTG teambuilding

TTG teambuilding

TTG teambuilding