Trokut Test Group (TTG) specializes in consulting and sales of equipment for Non Destructive Testing, Mechanical Testing, Quality Control, Preventive and Predictive Maintenance, Condition Monitoring of Machinery, Security and Forensic and Heat Treatment.

Trokut Test Group (TTG):

2010: Establishing the company in Zagreb, Croatia.

2011: Establishing the company in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

2011: Establishing the company in Sofia, Bulgaria.

2012: Establishing the company in Belgrade, Serbia.

2013: Establishing the company in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Trokut Test Group (TTG) is active in the following countries:

Hrvatska, BIH, Bugarska, Srbija, Crna Gori, Makedonija, Slovenija, Albanija, Kosovo

Trokut Test Group (TTG) goals:

  • - Be a reliable partner and provide quality solutions for our clients.
  • - Supply equipment and consumables of highest quality.
  • - Keep our specialists informed about the newest technologies and solutions.
  • - Providing the highest level of after sales support.

Trokut Test Group (TTG) strengths :

  • - Trokut Test Group provides the highest quality equipment and consumables which is produced by leading manufacturers.
  • - Trokut Test Group attends regularly in various educative activities in order to enhance our expertise and provide the highest quality services.