Non-hazardous test products

Due to flammable aerosols conventional magnetic particle suspensions based on oil offered in spray cans are dangerous goods subject to labelling. These are subject to strict regulations regarding transport and storage. Since quite some time, HELLING offers magnetic particle suspensions based on water with non-flammable blowing agent: Fluorescent magnetic particle suspension LY 2500 Black magnetic particle suspension BW 333 These suspensions do not require special labelling! […]

Biodegradable colour contrast penetrants

During excess penetrant removal of colour contrast penetrant testing waste water is generated. For conventional test products the waste water must be cleaned in waste water treatment plants, for example using activated carbon. Already in 2014, HELLING has found evidence of the penetrant NORD TEST ROT 3000 regarding the biodegradability verified by the Eurofins institute. The Zahn-Wellens test has […]