New product: SciAps has released a new LIBS analysers serie Z-900!

February 2021

We are glad to announce the new Z-serie Libs analyzers!
The Z-901 features an all-new ergonomic design, a 0.5 lb. weight reduction down to about 3.5 lbs. (1.6 kg), improved heat dissipation, and completely updated software and processing electronics. The Z-901 also leads the way featuring the first-ever “dual burn” technology. Users can test with the 901 either using an “air burn” method or using argon-purge for applications requiring higher precision and lower limits of detection.
The Z-902 “C” is a dedicated NDT/PMI analyzer for carbon content and a wide range of alloys and alloy bases. It features 2 spectrometers. The Z-902 is the analyzer of choice globally for the measuring carbon content in alloys, and carbon equivalents.
The Z-903 “CSi” is a dedicated unit for measuring carbon and silicon in steels and stainless. It is the ideal tool if you own handheld XRF units and want to continue to use those for measuring common alloy elements such as Cr, V, Mn, Ni, Cu, Mo, Nb, etc. but need the occasional carbon and/or silicon measurement.

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