3D scanning optical measurement systems

Smarttech’s product range includes contactless optical measurement systems. The premium model allows for easier collection of detailed data about large and small parts. It uses green LED light, which, together with filter used, reduces the impact of external lighting on the measurement. This allows to capture up to 30% better results when compared to 3D scanners using white light measurement. Two high-class monochrome detectors eliminate measurement noise, which guarantees much more accurate reproduction of the structure surface.

There is also a complex solution for more precise digitalization of detailed objects with realistic color capture than the green model. It is the best tool for documentation and conservation purposes where shape and texture are equally important.

The universal 3D scanner is a tool dedicated to entering a 3D world both for metrologically proven technical measurements as well as for national heritage measurements where the color of the object is crucial information. Those scanners are leader in 3D digitalization in archaeology and museology.

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