Anti-Drone solutions

Anti-drone technology can serve in a wide variety of roles. In wartime, militaries adopt C-UAS to protect bases, naval vessels, convoys, and ground units. In civilian environments, nefarious actors can potentially use drone technology to infiltrate secured airspace around critical infrastructures, mass crowd events such as conventions, sports events, attacks on VIPs and smuggling into correctional facilities.

SKYLOCK’s anti-drone solutions set industry standards for customised drone detection, verification, and neutralisation. Their flexible approach allows us to offer modular solutions tailored to meet each site’s specific threats and regulatory requirements. The systems play a fundamental role in keeping your skies safe, from fixed anti-drone systems and mobile or wearable solutions to direction finding and operator location. SKYLOCK offers a wide range of comprehensive modular, scalable active (radar and jamming) and passive (non-kinetic and non-jamming) counter-drone technologies.

The anti-drone systems are comprised of high quality, high precision technological devices, each one used to detect, verify, or mitigate drone incidents. All system components can be customised to client requirements and assembled to create different solutions for managing drone threats. Utilizing EO/IR, radar, RF, and advanced technologies, Skylock’s unique modular components cover every counter-UAS need.

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