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Visual Inspection Digital Microscopes

In terms to meet the requirements of the industry for visual inspection systems we offer in our portfolio high-quality digital microscopes specialized in this application.

The systems are characterized with big working space up to 200 mm and digital magnification up to 600x (depending on the used optic lens) and of course with ergonomic design. Depending on the end user application there are different models – simple visual inspection, inspection and simple measurements, inspection and advanced measurements with the help of additional software modules, video measurement system.

One of the best advantages is the integrated software which avoids the expense and task of qualifying a PC. The intuitive on screen 2D software is allowing to the users simply to draw measurements, shapes and add annotations onto a live or static image and save direct to internal memory or external storage options. Additional software modules can be added depending on the end user needs – DXF Import, Image Stacking, Comparator Overlay, Comparator Side By Side etc.

The inspection systems are calibrated according ISO 17025 standard i.e. there is no need to calibrate the system before performing measurements.

There is a wide range of accessories depending on the application and the needs of the end user – stands (standard stand or with uplight , XY stage, articulating arm, tilting stage), polarizers and lightning options, optic lenses, controllers etc.


If you need a visual inspection solution contact us for more information.

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