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Our portfolio includes a complete range of high-quality machines for metallography sample preparation.

A wide range of cutting machines (precise and abrasive). Both types have the possibility to work with different types of cutting wheels. The combinations between the XYZ axes (manual or automatic) ensure large variety of cutting functions. The additional options (like laser alignment and side doors) and the wide variety of clamping vice ensure the coverage of any cutting process requirement.

The mounting can be done via 2 methods – hot and cold. The hot mounting machines are modular or single cylinder. The modular press contains control interface and one mold assembly, where 3 more mold assemblies can be added. The cold mounting is performed via pressure or vacuum devices in terms to improve the curing process.

The grinding and polishing process can be performed on manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic machines. There are available different options, in terms of possibilities and additional accessories, to complete the configuration of the machine suitable for your needs – working wheels with diameters from 200 up to 350 mm, dosing units for suspensions, wide range of single and central pressure adaptors.

To perform the microstructure analysis a software package has to be used – characterized by intuitive and user-friendly design and providing an extensive toolbox for microscopic evaluation and documentation of results. The software basis is easily extendable with a variety of add-on modules.

Additional machines like vibro-polishing, electrolytical polishing and etching are also included in the product range. The lab furniture system combines tried and tested with a fully thought-out and flexible modular systems.

To reach good results is very important to use the proper consumables – we offer a wide range of consumables and accessories requite to complete the sample preparation process.


If you need a solution for sample preparation contact us for more information.

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