Portable X-Ray Systems

In terms to meet the needs of counter IED Operations, Customs and Border Protection, Prisons to Counter surveillance we offer portable and mobile X-ray inspection systems.

The portable x-ray systems are used in many different ways to provide the ability to conduct x-ray inspections for the detection of explosives, drugs, contraband, and even small listening devices.

The product range includes a broad range of Flat Panel Detectors (FPD/DDA), Computed Radiography (CR) working with IP image plates, full robot integrated systems, X-ray tubes, scanners and many more are completely integrated to the inspection software. To ensure a convenient handling the whole software can be customized and operated through touch-tablets, tough-books and other available models. With the in-house developed WiFi system it is covering over 1.5km distance.

The materials discrimination of objects in X-ray imaging assist to differentiate between organic and inorganic materials. A colored representation of the X-ray image allows a fast and reliable classification which allows to detect organic materials like explosives, drugs, etc. The most common applications of the Dual Energy technology are airport and customs luggage scanners.


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