Pulsed Eddy Current Testing

In terms to meet the requirements of the NDT experts for advanced inspection technologies our portfolio includes pulsed eddy current inspection equipment.

The Pulsed Eddy Current Technology (PECT) has been developed to detect corrosion hidden under insulation. Other applications of PECT include: Corrosion under fireproofing (CUF); Detection and sizing of flow accelerated corrosion (FAC); Inspections in the splash zone – through coatings, marine growth and corrosion product; Wall thickness monitoring and inspection through repair wraps; Defect assessment through corrosion product.

The PECT instrument comprises a ruggedized tablet computer connected to a data acquisition unit. The set is splash water tight, robust and easy to operate. Data collection is fast (two measurements per second) and has a scanning mode. The data is analysed in real-time with various quality control features that assists the operator to correctly analyse the data. There are four standard probes, each for a different lift-off range and optimized for defect sensitivity. Colour-coded wall thickness readings are displayed on the touch screen display during data recording.

Fast and reliable PECT measurements require a high-energy magnetic pulse, which is delivered by a dedicated powerful battery inside the data acquisition unit.

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