X-Ray cabinets & CT

Our portfolio for radiography testing (RT) include a complete range of solutions depending on the application and needs of the customers.

A big variety of x-ray cabinets depending on the inspected details, material type, defect size – from compact x-ray cabinets to bunkers according the details dimensions with energy range from 160 kV to 450 kV. For some applications like wheels and tires production there are dedicated to the application X-ray cabinets. Solutions about specific test procedures and non-standard applications are also available or could be designed upon request. Many of the systems can be integrated right into the production line, saving time, assuring component quality and improving production processes. The X-Ray systems meet industry technical standards including ASTM and DICONDE.

If deeper analysis and precise inspection are required for R&D, automotive and aerospace applications ask us about the solutions for computed tomography. There are different software options depending on the application and the type of the result that you are expecting. The data analysis software is very important tool in terms to get the expected test results.


If you need a solution for x-ray inspection contact us for more information.

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