Ultrasonic Detectors

In terms to meet the requirements of the industry for maintenance solutions we offer ultrasonic detectors used for preventive maintenance.

Nowadays the technology is used to reduce machine failures, increase plant availability and to save energy costs. With the multi-purpose ultrasonic testing devices many of these tasks can be carried out quickly and efficiently. The devices are finding place in compressed air, gas and vacuum systems leak detection. They reliably inspect the condition of bearings, the functioning of valves and steam traps and to detect electrical partial discharges on medium or high-voltage equipment. When simply using an ultrasonic transmitter the devices can also be used for tightness testing of cabins, hatch covers, containers and other pressureless systems.

The Web & App software solutions are precisely tailored to your respective ultrasonic applications in preventive maintenance. Choose between the general application, and the application specific apps for leak detection and for testing steam traps. The data management software is route-based data acquisition and management with mobile handheld devices and/or permanently installed sensors. It is able to trend display, analysis and presentation of broadband ultrasonic signals at various measurement points in the plants. With its help you improve condition-based decision-making processes based on ultrasonic signals and their presentation in the dashboard. The PC software is used to store, analyze and manage the ultrasonic tests. It is the central data hub for all measurement data recorded. The software suite is available in three versions (Viewer, Desktop and Server).


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