X-Ray inspection of small luggage, cargo and vehicles

VMI Security solutions meet the requirements of the most complex control and security systems. Ideal for airports, ports, highways, large events and public and private organizations, our equipment automatically detects threats and allows you to see through objects, people, vehicles and cargo.

With a low dose of X-rays, body scanners are available in Single and Dual View versions. Suitable for constant inspection without harming the body, it has a high capacity for detecting threats such as liquids, explosives, drugs and metallic and plastic wires.

The solutions are using innovative technology to obtain maximum efficiency in small, medium, and large volume inspection processes, with the aim of automatically identifying threats such as drugs, weapons, and other illicit acts.

A cutting edge technology is applied to the inspection of medium and large volumes – excellent image quality with automatic color differentiation for organic, inorganic, and mixed materials.

There are model designed to meet the needs of systems that require high security, mobility and total tracking of loads of various dimensions. Ideal for carrying out mobile inspection actions.

Cargo inspection solutions are using an innovative automatic scanning procedure that allows constant vehicle traffic at the inspection site and up to 150 procedures per hour.

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