SciAps: Why CSi? The missing link for XRF users

March 2021

A dedicated carbon + silicon analyzer for low cost of entry. Sleek design, powerful performance and easy reports

Changes in handheld technology over the past five years have made a world of difference in how refineries, inspection companies, fabricators, pipeline owner/operators, power plants, and other users of carbon steels and L- and H-grade stainless collect data on materials and products.

When SciAps introduced the world’s first field-worthy handheld LIBS (laser) analyzer to measure carbon, NDT and PMI companies could finally say goodbye to their cart-mounted OES systems. Being able to measure virtually all the elements with a handheld analyzer transformed the industry forever, making it faster, and less costly, to meet critical performance standards.

Now, SciAps is making it even less costly by introducing SciAps CSi, a dedicated, high-performance handheld LIBS built strictly to measure carbon and silicon. The unit is a standout in SciAps new Z-900 Series analyzers, featuring all-new ergonomic design, improved heat dissipation, and completely updated software and processing. At 3.5 lbs., it looks, feels and handles nearly identical to XRF.

Use XRF where it’s great—transition and heavy metals. Add the CSi for carbon and silicon when needed, and efficiently merge the data with SciAps cloud data management and report generation. The CSi is an economical companion for XRF users who need to add carbon to their analysis.

Perfect for: PMI people who use XRF every day in the field but, every once in a while, need to measure carbon. It’s a streamlined package that just does carbon and silicon, perfect for people who don’t use an OES instrument or need it on a daily basis. Pipeline engineers who only check the carbon equivalents. Their XRF already identifies tramp elements and residuals much easier. Adding SciAps CSi completes the picture and meets multi-test averaging protocols required by some refineries and pipeline operators. Inspection companies, Fabricators that need to grade material (L- and H-grade stainless), Anyone doing silicon surveys: 650 refineries worldwide; adding LIBS in 939C, HF Alky units, Cast iron customers…

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