Webinar: Where are optical systems displacing tactile methods? Vertical Focus Probing as a gamechanger in measurement technology

22.04.2021 (in English and in German)

In Alicona’s upcoming webinar on April 22nd, you can learn where optical systems displace tactile methods and how you can benefit from Vertical Focus Probing, an extension of Focus-Variation:

What will be demonstrated:

Possibilities and limitations of Vertical Focus Probing

Component features that can be measured optically with high precision and where tactile systems reach their limits

Examples of various components from different industries

Live Q&A session


Thursday, 22 April 2021

Recommended for Europe and Asia: 10 AM (CEST): IN ENGLISH | 2 PM (CEST): IN GERMAN

 Recommended for America: 9 AM (PDT): IN ENGLISH

for more information and registration click here

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