One idea for the union of the knowledge, the industry and the quality – an idea that was turned into reality!

Our Story

Everything started in 2010. The idea was to create a trade company, but not like the standard ones. We wanted to create something different, something that is not present on the market – a symbiosis between the manufacturers of the industrial equipment, the manufacturers of the products and us – no, we are not the sellers. We are the consultants finding the optimal solutions for the customer’s needs.

The Knowledge and the Team

During the years we have participated in many trainings in order to get familiar with the latest technologies and innovations. We have participated in different conferences, scientific forums and exhibitions for industrial equipment. We have organized many seminars and demonstrations for innovative products.

And we still keep going like this – we are constantly studying the latest innovations and needs of the market!

TTG today consists of 6 local companies situated in Croatia (Head Quarter), Slovenia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Bosnia and Hercegovina and North Macedonia – our activates spread over the whole Balkan area and more.

Our team consists of more than 25 professionals coming from different fields – material science, metallurgical, chemistry, automatization, mechatronics, construction and electronics engineers, marketing and sales specialists.

Our partners are proven names on the market in the fields of NDT, Laboratory Testing, Analytical and Analysis equipment, Maintenance, Security, Defense and Forensics.

A symbiosis of consulting, sales and inspection services! That’s us!
And if somebody asks why we are doing all this the answer is very simple:


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