WEBINAR: Sample preparation aspects in Battery technology


Join the Verder Scientific brands on june 27 for an informative webinar focusing on the crucial aspects of sample preparation, materials research, particle characterization and heat treatment in battery technology. We will examine the entire value chain from raw material sourcing to recycling processes. Gain valuable insights from our product managers and learn more about the latest products and their application areas in the battery development of the future.

Metallographic preparation of lithium-ion batteries is one of the possible methods for preparing samples for quality control. For example, the casing of LIBs, the electrodes (cathode and anode), and the spot welds on the lid of the batteries can be prepared and inspected. How these different parts can be prepared and the potential challenges of these preparation methods will be discussed in this webinar.


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QATM: Metallographic preparation of Lithium-Ion batteries: From cutting to vibropolishing

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Date: 27. June 2023

Time: 08:10 – 08:30 CEST or 16:10 – 16:30 CEST

Language: English

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