Metallography – Cutting

The cut-off machines for metallographic sample preparation are ideally suited for accurate, low-deformation sectioning. The product portfolio covers a wide range of cutting capacities, from small convenient benchtop models to large industrial scale cutters. A wide range of cutting machines (precise and abrasive). Both types have the possibility to work with different types of cutting wheels. The combinations between the XYZ axes (manual or automatic) ensure large variety of cutting functions. The additional options (like laser alignment and side doors) and the wide variety of clamping vice ensure the coverage of any cutting process requirement.

In terms of cut-off machine operation, selecting the proper feed speed, angle of approach and cutting mode will minimize sample deformation. Wet abrasive sectioning involves the use of a recirculation system to supply a stream of coolant to the sample during the cut. This helps to prevent heat damage and to remove cutting debris from the wheel and specimen.

The different requirements and conditions place a variety of demands on clamping tools and cutting equipment. The wide range of clamping tools provides variable solutions.

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