Archaeology & Museology

The portfolio includes solutions for digitalisation, restauration and inspection of paintings, artifacts, and other national treasures.

The 3D Digital Microscopes can be used for research or for conservation. They are offering a unique versatility in its form, in the zoom range as well as in the illumination techniques.

The 3D touchless measurement systems are used for digitizing museum objects. The included 3D scanner is having adjusted for museum specifications. The software is capable to carry out an accurate analysis of object, compile a virtual cross-section, conduct a measurement in 2D cross-section in any position, generate the full characteristic of an object, create a visualization for presentation on websites, recreate the object based on 3D scanning (e.g., by using 3D printers).

The Computed and Digital Direct Radiography are giving the opportunity for inspection of paintings for hidden images under the original ones and also of other objects for repairs and conservations in the past. The images are clearly showing repair as well as underlying paint lines which provide evidence that the artist has changed his original composition during creation.

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