Conventional & Digital Radiography

Our portfolio for radiography testing (RT) include a complete range of solutions depending on the application and needs of the customers.

For field inspection are used portable inspection systems. The systems are available in 2 configurations – computed radiography CR or direct digital radiography DR.

The scanner is designed to use TreFoc technology. With it the laser beam is adjusted perfectly to give optimal image results and the highest signal-to-noise ratio in any application. Inside the laser tube, an iris diaphragm adjusts the laser beam diameter. Since the perfect laser beam diameter can be selected for each object and image type, optimum results for any particular application can be easily achieved. So every Imaging Plate type can be read with a laser beam focused specifically for that plate, thus always achieving the best image with the lowest noise.

Depending on the digital flatpanels are available with different dimensions and technical parameters.

X-ray Film processors and consumables are also available for performing the conventional RT i.e. film processing. Depending on the needs the devices can be equipped with dark rooms or consumables regeneration set. Nowadays on the market are available the so called “green” NDT x-ray chemicals. They are ensuring stunning results for industrial X-ray film processing, odorless and free of toxic and cancer-causing substances.

If you need a solution for x-ray inspection, contact us for more information.

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