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Advanced Digital Microscopy

In terms to meet the requirements of the industry for advanced microscope systems we offer in our portfolio high-quality 3D video digital microscopes..

The digital microscope is a system with a main unit, lenses attached to a camera that maximizes lens performance, optimal lighting for objects and precisely controllable stands. Depending on the application motorized or manual high-resolution zoom lenses are allowing total magnification up to 10000x. The patented motorized rotary head adapter creates a unique 360° “helicopter view” observation over an object which is discovering inaccessible details without any manipulation of the sample. Fast and accurate Z axis scanning with an integrated stepping motor creates high precision 3D Modeling data. Special designed stands and lighting options have to be added to complete the configuration according the application of the microscope.

The NPS (nano point scanner) is a white light confocal point sensor combined with a high-precision motorized stage. It enables submicron altitude measurement on any type of surface without any contact on the sample. By moving the sample with the high precision motorized XY stage in one axis, the NPS acquires a series of focused points at a chosen interval, creating a fast profile: the measurement of height, distance, radius, line roughness (Ra, Rz, Rt,…) and much more can be done within seconds!

The tabletop SEM serie is focused on two essentials: Powerful Performance and User-Friendly Operation. Using the table-top compact configuration, Mini-SEM provides high-resolution, high-magnification SEM images with the ease of use. Auto-Focus, Auto-Brightness and Auto-Contrast produce an excellent image every time.


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