3D Digital Video Microscopy

In terms to meet the requirements of the industry for advanced microscope systems we offer in our portfolio high-quality 3D video digital microscopes.

The digital microscope is a system with a main unit, lenses attached to a camera that maximizes lens performance, optimal lighting for objects and precisely controllable stands. Furthermore, ACS communications makes it possible to control speed based on lens information, instant measurement on the monitor, automatic judgment of shooting conditions according to the operation of an operator, and to observe, capture, and measure by intuitive operations of the user. Depending on the application motorized or manual high-resolution zoom lenses are allowing total magnification up to 10000x. The patented motorized rotary head adapter creates a unique 360° “helicopter view” observation over an object which is discovering inaccessible details without any manipulation of the sample. Fast and accurate Z axis scanning with an integrated stepping motor creates high precision 3D Modeling data. Special designed stands and lighting options have to be added to complete the configuration according the application of the microscope.

One typical application is inspection of  features of prototypes and mass production products such as soldered parts on mounting boards, through holes, and wafer pattern circuits. With the original rotary-head adapter, easy inspections of cracks and flux are possible and simple to carry out. Applications such as turbine inspection of jet engines, development of space rockets, new material research and more. Select the lenses according to the application, from macro lenses or handheld observation up to ultrahigh magnification for grain structure analysis. Inspection of powder, crystals, emulsion, medical instruments such as injection needles and stents can be operated with high versatility and precision. Additionally, the timer recording and particle counting functions that can be used for follow-up observation are included. In automotive and aerospace industry the digital microscopes are used for research and development, production, and quality assurance, in applications such as checking the finished dimensions of molds, mass-produced products, and failure analysis. It can also measure surface irregularities as well as surface condition.


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