Nano Point Scanner

The NPS (nano point scanner) is an innovative non-contact confocal 3D profilometer measuring altitude in real time, for profile or surface scanning. The NPS is a white light confocal point sensor combined with a high-precision motorized stage. It enables submicron altitude measurement on any type of surface without any contact on the sample. The confocal system generates a sharply focused observation plane. Points located above or below the object surface are completely out of focus, so that the type of material does not matter: the sample can be mirror, shinny, reflective or rough, it can be opaque or completely transparent.

The NPS System provides a wide range of sensors to achieve seamless highly accurate measurement. Depending on your application, you can select the best sensors for your needs: small measuring range for highest accuracy and roughness measurement or large measuring range for tall sample and form measurements.

By moving the sample with the high precision motorized XY stage in one axis, the NPS acquires a series of focused points at a chosen interval, creating a fast profile: the measurement of height, distance, radius, line roughness (Ra, Rz, Rt) and much more can be done within seconds!

By creating a series of aligned profiles, the NPS acquires XYZ information creating a high resolution 3D surface: volume, surface roughness (Sa, Sz,…), complex shape, 3D waviness and much more can be measured – the duration of the scan is adjusted by the amount of lines, scanning speed and the dimension of the sample!

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