Metallography – Mounting

The mounting can be done with several methods – hot, cold and UV light mounting.

We offer robust hot mounting presses, which offer different pressure- and temperature modes for the generation of almost gapless mounted samples. Hot mounting presses are fully hydraulic with water cooling for optimum sample mounting. Mould cylinders are available in a variety of sizes for round and rectangular mounts. Double mounts are made by adding a spacer in the cylinder. The hot mounting presses feature innovative closure systems, which guarantee easy opening and closing of the mould assembly time after time.

It is available also a modular machine used in metallography for the fast, simultaneous and independent mounting of different materialographic specimens. The modularity allows adjusting the machine configuration for varying sample sizes and throughputs, depending on customer requirements. The base unit of the hot mounting press contains control interface and one mold assembly. The modular device can be equipped with up to three additional pressing stations.

The classic cold mounting process employs mounting materials that consist out of two or more components. Usually two to three components (liquid-powder or liquid-liquid systems) must be mixed in specific amounts. A proper dosing and good homogenization of the components are essential for the process. Depending on the polymer system polymerization-temperatures, pot-life and curing times deviate strongly. Cold mounting resins are mainly suggested for pressure- or heatsensitive samples. The high degree of freedom of the used mounting moulds enables the processing of very different sample sizes and geometries. The classic cold mounting remains the most versatile mounting technique on the market. With epoxy-resins, acrylic resins and modified polyester resins are large spectrum of cold mounting materials is present.

The light-curing-based mounting of materialographic samples is modern device. The samples are placed in the device which is equipped with customized, powerful LED technology. The UV transparent mounting molds are filled with the UV curing resin. This enables the fast generation of transparent, mounted samples for standard applications. They offer long-lasting LED technology and simple control elements. The transparent sample can be removed within a very short time frame (up to 60 seconds).

To reach good results is very important to use the proper consumables – we offer a wide range of consumables and accessories requite to complete the sample preparation process.

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