Macro Hardness Testers

Our portfolio includes a complete range of high-quality Hardness testers. The macro hardness testers (test methods: Brinell, Knoop, Rockwell, Vickers) cover a test load range from 0.5 g to 3000 kg depending on the model. The hardness testers are combining an extremely short cycle times with maximum precision.

The proven concept with fixed test head and up/down moving spindle at C/CS serie has been standard in hardness testing for many decades and is ideally suited for small test pieces.

The fixed component support and the extra-large test table area of the M serie allow hardness testing of even the largest components. The test head is moved manually by turning the hand wheel on the front of the machine. The bearing of the test head is designed for particularly smooth running and allows operation with minimum effort.

A machine from E serie is a hardness tester for all purposes: no matter if operated in a laboratory or in a rough production environment. The fixed component support and extra-large test table area allow hardness testing of even the largest components. The test head is conveniently and dynamically controlled by the integrated asynchronous motor. Test pieces of virtually any size, weighing up to 3500 kg, are securely clamped in the device.

The CA/CA+ serie combine the proven concept of a “C”-shaped machine frame with precise automation elements. For fully automated serial and line hardness tests on parts of the same test height. Various configuration possibilities like the 8-position tool changer raise the term “customer specific” to the next level.

Custom made test in line systems are available too. Each solution is devised by a team of specialists with expertise in automation and is subject to professional project management from start to finish.

The analysis is made by an user-friendly software. The wide range of clamping devices and accessories will meet your requirements to any your request. The validity of the results can be checked via steel and aluminum high-quality hardness test blocks with DAKKS certificate.

If you need a solution for hardness testing contact us for more information.

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