Inter Drone Expo 2023

15-18.06.2023, Sofia (Bulgaria)

INTER DRONE EXPO IS THE FIRST EXHIBITION IN THE BALKANS that provides the professional community as well as the general audience with the unique opportunity to get familiar with the various uses of Drone & Anti Drone and Unmanned Systems. The exhibition provides a platform that brings together stakeholders in this specific field and a networking point of contact for professionals in the sector.

Dealing with new challenges and crises on a global scale has called for the use of technologies that can deliver high-grade and accurate information within a very short timeframe. Drones are a technology that has assumed an important role in our daily lives, and applications in various fields abound: border surveillance, traffic monitoring, fire fighting, disaster management, reconnaissance, high altitude rescue, oceanography, weather forecasting, aerospace, terrain mapping, GPS navigation, coast guard management, farmland surveillance, aerial recordings, insurance events, site remediation and monitoring, industrial control, 3D video mapping, terrain auditing, urban planning, mining management and many more.

Visit us! We will be at Booth B3- Hall 1! Come and learn more about D-Fend’s Anti-Drone System EnforceAir!

EnforceAir Takes Control of the Drone and Takes Control of the Threat!

This anti-drone product, features the world’s premier counter-drone, cyber, radio frequency (RF)-based takeover technology. The system, in either autonomous or manual mode, detects, locates and identifies rogue drones in your airspace and then neutralizes the threat by allowing you to take full control over the drone and land it safely in a predefined zone.

Since the system does not rely upon jammers or kinetic technology, EnforceAir avoids collateral damage, interference, disruption and disturbance. Continuity prevails as communications, commerce, transportation, and everyday life smoothly proceed.

Demonstrations – on 15, 16 and 17 June – in Sofia, at Inter Expo Center and on June 18 – at Lesnovo Airport.

Location & Address: Inter Expo Center, 147 Tsarigradsko shose blvd, 1784 Sofia, Bulgaria

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