Interlaboratory Material Testing Conference KOMIM 2019

25-27.09.2019, Banja Vrujci (Serbia)

KOMIM is an abbreviated name for the Committee for Interlaboratory Material Testing.

The main activity of KOMIM is the management of interlaboratory comparisons, and it includes organization of interlaboratory comparative tests of metal materials (steel, cast iron, aluminum alloys, copper and lead …), preparation of documents from the quality system of KOMIM, development of a system for the production and application of reference materials, development of mutual assistance of chemical-metallurgical laboratories, exchange of experiences and information, harmonization of criteria for accuracy and objectivity, improvement of accuracy of test results, work on the recognition of the results of interlaboratory comparative tests as legitimate by the Accreditation Body of Serbia.

Visit our booth and discuss our colleagues the solutions we have for material testing and analysis.


Location & Address: Hotel Vrujci, bb Gornja Toplica, 14243 Banja Vrujci, Serbia

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