International Conference Materials, Tribology, Recycling MATRIB 2018

26-29.06.2018, Vela Luka (Croatia)

Croatian society for materials and tribology (HDMT) is independent, free and voluntary association of experts, professional organizations, enterprises and companies involved in the development, testing and application of technical materials. HDMT brings together the work of various experts and encourages the transfer, exchange and dissemination of knowledge about the technical in order to encourage the development of existing and new materials, procedures, methods and devices for testing, defining national standards, effective selection, implementation and management of material and recycling of materials in the production and society. Special emphasis is placed on the monitoring the trends of research within the scientific discipline Tribology which studies friction and wear of materials as well as the procedures to protect machine parts from it.

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Location & Address: Hotel Posejdon, Vranac b.b, 20270, Vela Luka, Croatia

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