Sonotec: New Acoustic Camera SONASCREEN

December 2021

The new acoustic camera localizes sound sources and visualizes complex acoustic information in different colours (as an acoustic photo and video). The device extends the vision to areas the eye cannot see. This is enabled by the method called beamforming where the position of sources in wave fields, such as ultrasound fields, is determined.

Thanks to the intuitive handling as well as pre-set profiles (e.g. for leak detection), even inexperienced users can correctly evaluate the results at a glance. With the highly sensitive array of 72 microphones and the IP54 protection class, it is perfectly suited for use in industrial areas. Compared to other array designs, the spiral array achieves an excellent acoustic dynamic range.

The acoustic images are shown in the high-resolution display at the extremely high frame rate of 100 fps in real time. In order to avoid rolling-shutter effects, a global shutter is implemented which allows the user to perfectly capture fast-moving objects.

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