QATM: New powerful design of the Qgrind XL planar grinding machine

July 2022

The grinding head and diamond dresser are equipped with a robust ForceControl system and enable reproducible and high grinding forces. The integrated load cells and the innovative motorized force control ensure defined material removal and maximum process reliability. The particularly robust and powerful design of the Qgrind XL planar grinding machine allows for maximum material removal with high precision. The ForceControl function ensures reproducible grinding results with the integrated electronic measuring systems. By selecting and combining different grinding modes, both maximum material removal rates (roughing) and excellent sample surfaces (finishing) are achieved. With the SmartGrind software function, the grinding process can be continuously monitored and made particularly efficient by means of fully automatic determination of dressing intervals. The integration of a cleaning station and the intuitive software interface set new standards in convenience and user-friendliness.

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