June 2021

The Qmount is a modern device for the light-curing-based mounting of materialographic samples.

The samples are placed in the device which is equipped with customized, powerful LED technology. The UV transparent mounting moulds are filled with the UV curing resin. The transparent sample can be removed within a very short time frame. A suction unit from the QATM portfolio can be connected to the device to increase work safety. A robust design with a powder-coated aluminum housing and high-quality components enable high sample volumes. The device contains a scratch-resistant glass plate (200 x 260 mm) which enables the simultaneous curing of up to 12 samples with a diameter of 40 mm.

Due to the very short process times, the Qmount opens up the possibility of producing transparent, materialographic standard mountings of various materials very quickly and cost-effectively. For a perfect mounting process, QATM offers the appropriate UV curing resin, UV transparent mounting moulds in different diameters and mounting aids.


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