New products: QATM is presenting new devices with outstanding features and functionality!

February 2021

First, there is the Qness 150 CS ECO hardness tester, where particular attention has been paid to easy handling and maximum functionality. The detailed workmanship and practical equipment make this hardness tester a real all-rounder, whether in the workshop, laboratory or series production.
The hardness testers of the new Qness 60 EVO series belong to our range of high-end laboratory devices. Materialography and microscopy were combined here with the aim of offering maximum ease of use and guaranteeing absolutely precise and repeatable results. There are three variants to choose from: M, A and A +. The latter variant comes with a sample image camera that significantly improves navigation and documentation.
The Qpol XL grinding and polishing machine is our powerhouse when it comes to achieving maximum stock removal and first-class preparation results. The solid steel construction emphasize the sustainable, and at the same time modern and compact, machine design – made in Germany.

Qness 150 CS ECO | Qness 60 M EVO | Qness 60 A/A+ EVO | Qpol XL

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