Sonotec: New Software App and Sensor for Bearing Inspection

February 2022

The new version of the SONAPHONE LevelMeter App not only excels in its new design, but also offers all SONAPHONE users an optimal workflow for bearing inspection. Thanks to the newly integrated manual gain, constant measurement conditions can be ensured, such as in the context of comparative measurements. With the adjustable band-pass filter, the frequency range can be flexibly adapted to the respective test task and interfering noise can be suppressed.

Another new feature is the ability to view and log the time signal as a Time Wave Form (TWF) directly on the SONAPHONE. The time signal is now added to the previous display of the ultrasound as a level curve and spectrogram. An advantage of the time signal is the possibility to measure the repetition frequency in signals in the PC software SONAPHONE DataSuite.

With the new BS40 structure-borne sound sensor, SONOTEC introduces a sensor that is ideally suited for bearings. It is extremely robust, with a laser-welded stainless-steel housing.

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