DÜRR NDT: New wireless flat panel detector for corrosion and erosion inspections

May 2022

The new DRC 3643 NDT rounds off DÜRR NDT’s DRC product range of robust flat panel detectors for industrial digital radiography.

Designed for durability, the detector features a dust-tight and waterproof aluminum housing that ensures reliable operation even in the harshest environments. The TFT sensor does not contain any glass, which provides protection against possible damage, in case the detector is dropped, for example. Despite its size and robustness, the detector weighs only 6.6 kg, making it easy to carry and position. In wireless mode, the hot-swap function permits battery change while the device is running, which saves time as no restart is necessary. Data is transmitted over a wireless network and two screw-on antennas ensure wide range and stable connection. Data transmission and power supply are of course also possible by cable.

As with all DÜRR NDT detectors, the DRC 3643 NDT is operated with the latest generation of the proven X-ray inspection software D-Tect X. Powerful and intelligent tools, such as wall thickness analysis and image optimization filters, facilitate image evaluation and ensure efficient workflow.

Thanks to its portability and large active area of 36 x 43 cm, the new detector is particularly well suited for corrosion and erosion inspections on pipes in compliance with DIN EN ISO 20769. With a pixel pitch of 140 µm, the DRC 3643 NDT offers an optimum balance between fine resolution and good sensitivity for all popular NDT applications, such as weld inspections according to DIN EN ISO 17636-2 or casting inspections according to DIN EN 12681. Of course, the detector can also be used in other fields of X-ray inspections, such as concrete inspections in bridge construction, inspections of art objects or archaeological finds as well as for fault analysis of components or buildings. The DRC 3643 NDT is suitable for both X-ray and gamma sources and for use with energies up to 350 kV, thanks to its integrated shielding.

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