Non-hazardous test products

June 2018

Due to flammable aerosols conventional magnetic particle suspensions based on oil offered in spray cans are dangerous goods subject to labelling. These are subject to strict regulations regarding transport and storage. Since quite some time, HELLING offers magnetic particle suspensions based on water with non-flammable blowing agent:

Fluorescent magnetic particle suspension LY 2500

Black magnetic particle suspension BW 333

These suspensions do not require special labelling!

Due to aspiration hazard conventional test oil used for magnetic particle suspensions based on oil are subject to labelling as harmful using the designation “Xn”. HELLING oil-based magnetic particle suspensions contain crack testing oils which are harmless and therefore not subject to labelling. All requirements to actual standards regarding magnetic particle testing are fulfilled.

Fluorescent magnetic particle suspension NRF 101

Colour magnetic particle suspension NRF 103

Colour magnetic particle suspension NRF 103 S

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