Precision cut-off machine Qcut 200A by QATM

May 2023
precision cut-of machine qcut 200A

The Qcut 200 A is a precision cut-off machine with up to 3 automatic axes for use with cut-off wheels up to 203 mm / 8‘‘ in size.

The Qcut 200 A is a compact, precision cut-off machine that offers the highest possible flexibility and use of space, with up to three automatic axes (X, Y, Z) and numerous cutting functions. Thanks to its modular design, the Qcut 200 A can be optimally equipped with numerous options and suitable clamping tools.

Main features:

1. Cutting chamber flushing: Automatic cleaning of the cutting chamber

2. Large machine table: Axes can be positioned backlash-free, Max. W x H: 300 mm x 210 mm

3. Ergonomic control panel: Large 7“ TFT touch display & Joystick for manual operation

4. Line laser for exact component part positioning before cutting

5. Accessories: Clamping possibility individually expandable with turning device or further clamping devices

6. Cut-off wheel lock: Simplified cut-off wheel change via locking function &  With integrated lubrication option

7. Dressing device for sharpening diamond cutting and grinding wheels can be operated manually from the outside

INTUITIVE AND SIMPLE OPERATION: The large 7“ touch display is ergonomically arranged and easy to operate via the user-friendly software. The joystick ensures comfortable movement of the automatic axes.

FLOW MONITORING: Via the optional flow monitoring, constant cooling can be ensured when cutting sensitive samples with long cutting processes. The cutting process is automatically interrupted when a critical threshold value is reached.

HIGHEST DEMANDS OF SAFETY: Due to the enabling switch, the machine can only be positioned via the two-hand control when the door is open. This eliminates the risk of crushing for the machine operator.

INTELLIGENT COMPONENT DETECTION: In addition to the proven automatic component detection, the machine also has a new type of exit detection (auto-stop function). Thus, the start and end points of the cutting process are automatically detected and process times are shortened.

AUTOMATIC CLEANING FUNCTION: The machine is cleaned fully automatically via the spiral nozzles in the cutting chamber. Cleaning can be switched on individually and, if required, starts automatically after each cut-off. For a clear view, it can also be switched on during cut-off operation.

EXTENSIVE CUTTING PROGRAMS: Depending on the geometry of the component, the travel or chop cut is used to minimize the contact area between the component and the cut-off wheel. The step cut functions separate the workpiece layer by layer and optimize the angle of action for a material friendly cut. They are therefore particularly suitable for solid material.

CLAMPING TOOLS: A wide range of clamping tools is available for the Qcut 200 A. Using the Easy clamping system, they can be simple and securely fastened to the table with just one screw. This makes the tedious fixing of the clamping tools in the T-slots of the table unnecessary. The Easy clamping system is an innovative addition with a great impact on everyday work.

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