Automated 3D systems

In the realm of factory automation, where precision is non-negotiable, automated 3D scanning takes center stage. The automated 3D system stands out with exceptional compatibility, seamlessly integrating with our diverse range of scanners, including the composite 3D scanner, handheld 3D scanner, global 3D scanner, and tracking 3D scanner.

This advanced automated 3D system ensures high repeatability and accuracy in measurements, meeting the stringent demands of industrial applications. Coupled with specialized 3D inspection software, it empowers you to generate comprehensive inspection reports for in-depth analysis.

The product range includes:

AM-CELL C200 3D System – The all-in-one optical automated 3D measurement system designed for measuring medium-sized parts. Its modular design allows for flexible layouts and speedy assembly. It offers an automated measurement solution for full life-cycle quality control.

M-Track 3D System – M-Track supports visual perception, target recognition, and path planning. It can plan paths for different tasks ranging from object transporting to grinding, coating, and welding for flexible and automatic production.

AM-DESK 3D System – AM-DESK features a compact size, high scalability, safety and reliability, which can quickly cater to various industrial applications. It is an ideal choice to reduce costs and enhance efficiency.

AutoScan-K 3D System – Intelligent automated 3D measurement offers a completely automated solution for on-batch inspection, allowing a 3D system that is repeatable and trackable to give you a set of results that can increase your products’ accuracy and efficiency.

AutoScan-T 3D System – Engineered to industrial standards to guarantee the highest accuracy and efficiency, AutoScan-T combines a high-precision optical TrackScan-T 3D system with a collaborative robot and optical tracker E-Track.

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