High-precision surface measurement systems

Using the innovative measurement method of white light interferometry, surfaces of any kind can be measured in µm resolution, regardless of reflectivity, geometry, material and surface condition. The system uses the interference of light waves for exact, absolute 3D measurement of surfaces of the workpiece to be inspected with the highest precision, thus reliably digitizing and evaluating damage, anomalies or specific surface parameters. Since such a measurement process is required in a wide variety of applications, our HP-X product series focuses on the use of high-precision surface measurement in a wide variety of scenarios.

The product range includes:

HP-FX – Flexible – The combination of high-precision white-light interferometry and innovative cobot technology enables flexible handling and reliable damage inspection results on any conceivable component! The HP-FX system can be used to solve a wide range of measurement tasks that require manual and easy handling in combination with highly accurate 3D data.

HP-SX – Stationary – In the stationary setup, all the strengths of white-light interferometry can be fully exploited. Precise positioning of the sensor and the component by means of high-precision kinematics allows even the smallest components to be completely 3D digitized in µm resolution. The process is fully automatic, whereby the workpiece can be inserted and removed from the measuring device either manually or automatically. Here, the focus is rather on the regular detection of production deviations within an automatic production line. The HP-ST “ToolInspect” solution is an optical, high-precision measuring system for digitizing milling tools with µm accuracy. Geometry changes, chipping in the material, wear and other individual parameters of the tool are identified by means of the precise 3D digital twin, which solves the previously existing problem of a lack of information density in the production of such a precision tool. Convince yourself of the far-reaching advantages! In the download material you will find more content about the mentioned applications.

HP-MX – Mobile – The mobile application of the HP-X series focuses on the use of high-precision measuring tasks at different locations. The portable product design allows the measuring system to be brought to the workpiece and used there locally. This allows flexible measurement at the required location at any time. Material-, surface- and exposure-independent WLI technology combined with 2-axis kinematics and an intuitive user interface gives you the ability to evaluate the quality of a process based on a few key parameters from the measurement while obtaining a full 3D scan of the part.

HP-AX – Automatic – The “Automatic Line” HP-AX was developed for large components. By using industrial robots with a large work envelope and additional external axes, even large components can be completely digitized and inspected in µm resolution at the touch of a button. This approach also allows the use of a work tool changer so that multiple tools can be used. The HP-AX systems are delivered enclosed and with an intuitive user interface and can also be used in the workshop due to active vibration decoupling.

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