Laboratory Surface Contamination Detector

Recognoil® QB is a desktop surface contamination detector. Objects placed on the measuring table of the compartment are irradiated with powerful UV emitters. This induces the fluorescence of contaminants, which is captured by a sensitive detector. The box is also equipped with a source of white light, thanks to which it is possible to document the real appearance and perfect documentation of part contamination.

The scanning process is completely contactless, fast and requires no surface preparation. In addition, with the supplied software, it is possible not only to visualize this data, but also to perform statistical and decision analysis OK / NOT OK), create reports or even measure the thicknesses and surface concentrations of oil films. In addition, the device can be connected to the corporate network to connect to existing quality control systems. The construction of the device is modular and can be supplied in various sizes. In addition, the function and appearance of the software can be customized according to customer requirements.

Recognoil® QB is ideal for scanning extremely small and complex components. The device is commonly used to check the condition of the surface, especially before painting, galvanic plating, PVD and CVD coating, welding, soldering, gluing or intentional application of oil films during lubrication and preservation.

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