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Mechanical Testing

In terms to meet the requirements of the industry for material testing solutions we offer in our portfolio universal tensile machines (UTM).

Depending on the application we are able to offer configurations for mechanical testing machines  according the international standards for most material types – plastics, metals, composites, elastomers, components, textiles, aerospace automotive and biomedical. A wide range of electromechanical testing machines (with capacity from 2.5 to 2000 kN) are suitable to perform tensile, compression, creep or bending tests of any kind of materials along with resilience tests on impact pendulum for Charpy and Izod applications (from 300 to 750 J). Test could be also performed in non-ambient temperature environment. A wide range of high-precision extensometers will meet the requirements of any known test. High technological solutions and fully robotized systems are also available.


If you need a mechanical testing solution contact us for more information.

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