Metallography – Optical Analyzer

The inverse macroscope impresses with fast, high-resolution and efficient optical analysis and measurement of specimens. It is especially for standardized weld seam measurement and inspection according to DIN EN ISO 5817. Measurement tools such as A dimension, depth burn-in, evaluation limits and standard-compliant inspection report are included as standard in the proven and user-friendly Software. The device guarantees fast, simple, precise, standardized weld inspection, and displays all irregularities.

The optical system allows the variation of the field of view between 80 x 60 mm and 2.3 x 1.7 mm. By zooming in optically as well as digitally, a combined magnification of 35 times is achieved. This allows the user to see smallest details, while keeping the overview. The system features innovative LED analysis area illumination. Each of the 4 illumination profiles (right, left, front, rear) can be switched on or off smoothly and individually. This now enables faster and more precise testing, without the disturbance of light influences or grinding reflections.

Documentation of abnormalities can be added to a measurement at any time. The use of template systems in reporting ensures unlimited precise repeatability and reliability regarding weld inspection procedures, measurement sequences and limit values. Individual customer templates can be saved and recalled at any time. The macroscope saves time, providing detailed analysis and measurement with supreme accuracy. Robust modern industrial design. Easy replacement of the glass sample carrier. Absolutely dust-tight due to assembly in a clean room.

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