Micro and Thermal Digital Image Correlation (DIC) Solutions

Digital Image Correlation (DIC) is a 3D full-field, non-contact optical technique to measure contour, deformation, vibration and strain on almost any material. The measurement principle is based on grey value digital images, that can determine the contour and the displacements of an object under load in three dimensions. The technique can be used with many tests including tensile, torsion, bending and combined loading for both static and dynamic applications.

The micro DIC system is specially designed for measurement of warpage and thermal expansion within the micro-electronics/components industry working with electronic miniaturization and high-density package design. The solution helps to measure the precise deformation in cases where simulations are not possible or testing is a necessity. The system provides easy and fast full-field 3D deformation and strain analysis. The results include complete shape, deformation and strain data, temporal and spatial plots, data of virtual strain gauges, STL data for CAD processing, as well as images and movies for presentation purposes.

The TCT system is designed for complete three-dimensional and highly sensitive warpage, thermal expansion measurement and strain analysis of materials and components in the heating and cooling phase. With a system for thermal investigations measurements can be done from room temperature up to 300°C and down to -40°C. The system is specially suited for thermal expansion measurement of electronic components and is frequently used in the development and testing of complex anisotropic materials, components, and structures in electronic applications. The system is ideal for the experimental verification of analytical and numerical calculations. The 3D information enables fast determination of warpage, thermal expansion coefficient and the thermal stress of components such as printed circuits, BGA, Flip Chips etc. The DIC TCT system is a complete package for thermal investigations, enabling non-contact measurement performed on the whole measuring area on nearly any material.

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