Mobile AI inspection system

The mobile systems cover a wide range of application areas: from AI-assisted inspection to guided reporting tools. The systems can be deployed and customized to meet customer’s individual requirements. The expertise with artificial intelligence leads to an enormous increase in efficiency of MRO processes in your company.

The mobile solutions are based on different concepts of advanced AI combined with in-house software. The ability to recognize texts, labels, objects, specific components and damage, as well as their position, finds optimal application in a wide variety of processes.

Using artificial intelligence, AI2Go automatically recognizes not only texts, labels, objects or specific components, but also damages and their position. The tablet-based tool thus enables particularly efficient support, for example in data acquisition or the creation of photo reports in an industrial environment. Customized workflows and computer-aided evaluation reduce user errors to a minimum and guarantee standardized protocols, which are stored directly as PDF or in a database.

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