XRF and LIBS Analyzers

In terms to meet the requirements of the industry for reliable handheld devices for field elemental analysis we offer in our portfolio handheld XRF and Libs devices.

The X-Ray Fluorescent (XRF) analyzers we offer are the world’s lightest, smallest, fastest, high precision device available on the market. The XRF series are a good choice for analysis in many fields; delivering rapid and accurate results right in the palm of your hand. Due to the advanced electronics and state-of-the-art mathematical algorithms, the XRF instruments provide ultimate quality of measurement within a couple of seconds. It is the ideal solution for checking and analysing incoming materials, finished goods and in-process production parts in a non-destructive way. HELIUS 300 and 600 are calibrated for either alloys (Cast), precious metals (Kt) or minerals (Geo). The HELIUS 300 and 600 (Cast) models are calibrated for Fe, Cu, Ni and Ti. If other bases are required for precious metals or minerals, this can be configured. The HELIUS 900 is calibrated for either alloys (Cast) or minerals (Geo). The HELIUS 900 (Cast) model include Mg, Al, Si, P, and S light elements and Al-based alloys.

For sophisticated analysis applications like ultra-low elemental concentrations in alloys, ores, brines and powders, to basic material or scrap sorting we offer LIBS analyzers (Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy). The CALIBUS is the first and only CMOS-based LIBS analyser on the market. It is an ideal analytical solution for QA/QC, metallurgical manufacturing and machining, petrochemical industries, mining, scrap metal and recycling. The device has a wide spectrum range of 190nm—800nm. This range can detect more than 20 elements including C, Li, Be, B, Na, Mg, and Si. The detection speed is fast! Analytical results can be shown in 1 second and efficiency is 10-30 times improved in comparison to other available conventional portable OES spectrometers in the market. Because of the integrated CMOS technology, the LIBS is able to provide a higher precision test data.


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