XRF and LIBS Analyzers

In terms to meet the requirements of the industry for reliable handheld devices for field elemental analysis we offer in our portfolio handheld XRF and Libs devices.

The X-Ray Fluorescent (XRF) analyzers we offer are the world’s lightest, smallest, fastest, high precision device available on the market. They are fast on all alloys and as good on aluminums as it is on high temps for the scrap market. The device comes with fully loaded apps for NDT (Residuals, Sulfidic Corrosion, Alloy).

For sophisticated analysis applications like ultra-low elemental concentrations in alloys, ores, brines and powders, to basic material or scrap sorting we offer LIBS analyzers (Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy). The latest model handheld LIBS performs fast, quantitative testing results without argon purge.

All models are light, so that they can be used all day long without fatigue. The design allows to perform tests tight and hard to reach spaces. With the help of the built on the Android platform for global connectivity, you can manage your data and fleet anywhere, print or email results seamlessly.


If you need a solution for elemental analysis contact us for more information.

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