Portable Surface Contamination Detector

The Portable Surface Contamination Detector Recognoil® 3W detects oily contamination, oxide layers, and residues in manufacturing processes. The device is commonly used to check the surface condition especially before painting, electroplating, PVD and CVD coating, welding, soldering, bonding or the intentional application of oil films during lubrication and preservation.

The measurement of intricately shaped surfaces is also not a problem. Normally, the detector can handle, for example, analysing the outer and inner surface of pipes. It can also analyse wires. It can detect contamination along the edges of parts, rims and hems. Poor focus or the direct reflection of unusually shaped surfaces can be handled by the detector using specially designed adapters.

The Recognoil® 3W mobile device can analyse fluorescence, especially of greasy substances on metal objects. It is a handheld wireless detector that displays fluorescence intensity and a map of surface contamination, detecting even the slightest spot contamination.

The Recognoil® 3W instrument helps production efficiency in several ways. Directly when working, you can verify whether your product is of the required quality within seconds. This prevents scrapping and also claims.

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