Penetrant, Magnetic Particles and Leak Testing

In terms to meet the requirements of the industry and the NDT experts for high-quality consumables for welding and surface cracks inspections our portfolio includes Consumables, accessories and workbenches for penetrant PT, magnetic particles  MT or leak LT test methods.

Penetrants (PT) can easily penetrate into openings at the surface of the test specimen such as surface pores and thin cracks with widths in the micrometer range (≥25 µm). Depending on the applied penetrant there are different methods – Color penetrant testing or Fluorescent penetrant testing. When penetrant testing fluorescent test is applied then UV LED lamps are used to make indication visible. To Determine the sensitivity levels of fluorescent and color contrast penetrant systems Reference and Test Blocks are used.

MT is a simple but sensitive method for detection of inhomogeneities at (or close to) surfaces of ferromagnetic materials. The is different testing products (fluorescent or colored MT) in form of dry powder, liquid concentrate, water-based or ready-to-use oil-based suspension. Test equipment (hand yoke magnets, cross yokes, permanent magnets) are used for generating the magnetic field. Test bodies and reference blocks according to international standards enable control of testing products in conformity to respective standards.

There are available test facilities for magnetic particle testing and test work stations for penetrant testing according to the customer’s specification.

Leak Testing is a non-destructive testing method for detection and localization of leakages in  pressure and vacuum systems. The bubble test  is a frequently used visual test method. The surface must be visible for this method.


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