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The advanced robotic systems cover a wide range of applications: from high-resolution crack inspection in the µm range to automated inspection of complex bores and threads, our systems can be used and individually tailored to your requirements.

The robotic solutions are based on different concepts of advanced robotics combined with innovative sensor technology and in-house software. High-resolution, robot-guided white-light interferometry can be used, for example, to take precise measurements of complex components, in which holes, threads, screw connections or damage can be detected and marked using special software.

The product range includes:

High Precision Surface Inspection – Detection, classification and measurement of surface anomalies in the µm range independent of color, structure or reflectivity in a fully automated setup or with operator support. In combination with our 3D.OS, the recorded surface information can be prepared, the relevant data extracted, processed and flexibly communicated to other processes or for documentation via different interfaces.

The fully automated robot-based crack inspection of engine parts performs a 100% inspection of the combustion chamber components based on two industrial robots operating in parallel in combination with white light interferometers. The inspection system solves a wide range of problems like Crack inspection, Defect identification, Roughness measurement, Borehole measurement and coverage test. The detected anomalies are classified into damage classes using artificial intelligence. Cracks are then marked on the component using a robojet printer. The worker can look at any detected anomaly and adjust it if necessary.

Automatic Screwing Systems – The systems used during bolting processes are fully automated, reproducible and force-controlled and fully documented for quality assurance. The focus is on demanding tasks such as bolting in hard-to-reach areas or high-precision quality control of fine threads. The screwdriving tool is always integrated into a turnkey, CE-certified complete system.

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