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The innovative sensor systems cover a wide range of applications: From high-resolution position detection to large-area component measurement, our systems can be used and individually adapted to your requirements. Our expertise in system integration leads to a seamless integration of the solution into your process.’s sensor solutions are based on different concepts of high-resolution optical sensor technology, such as white light interferometry for absolute distance measurement by an interferometer, 3D measurement by point triangulation from two superimposed 2D images, or LiDAR technology for measuring large-area components.

The product range includes:

3D Position Detection – The perfect interaction of our 3D.OS software with the 3D.SwivelScan results in an innovative position detection and component identification system for a wide range of applications. The absolute measuring PXL+ sensor system with integrated color camera enables not only detailed 3D measurement but also advanced feature recognition via color contrasts. With the elimination of long calibration procedures or re-calibration when replacing sensors, as well as the simple addition of new components based on real measurement and ideal CAD data, the system trumps in its process reliability and efficiency.

3D Component Identification – With the extensive vision toolbox of 3D.OS and the PXL+ data of the in-house sensors, component identification can be rethought. With the increased feature density of the PXL+ sensors, simple component identification can be transformed into the mapping of a digital twin. Thus, not only the type of a component but also its condition can be checked: for example, in the context of an assembly progress or the deformation of large structures. With a measuring distance of up to 60 m, often only a single sensor is required, which not only reduces costs but also optimizes robustness and handling.

3D Large-scale Metrology – The SurfEyes MAXI system enables for the first time complex large structure measurement at a low price. The SurfEyes MAXI system offers maximum accuracy, a large field of view and is created for the harsh conditions in production environments. The specially developed stereo camera system measures components of different compositions with the highest accuracy. The SurfEyes MAXI system impresses with two high-resolution cameras, which can optionally generate highly accurate 3D data in combination with active lighting or a projector. This allows individual features, such as rivets or interface edges, or entire surfaces to be measured three-dimensionally. Thanks to the integrated high-performance projector, even challenging surfaces at greater distances with little structure pose no problems for the SurfEyes MAXI system. Starting with the presence check and automatic component recognition through to precise position control, the SurfEyes MAXI system can take over all quality assurance and productivity-increasing tasks in interaction with the 3D.OS automation software.

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