When Visual Inspection (VT) is required the most appropriate device is the endoscope. The product range we offer includes a wide variety of industrial high-quality products depending on the application (inspection of castings, weldings, pipes, engines etc.) – modular endoscopes, compact videoscopes, borescopes and fiberscopes.

The modular systems offer an extensive selection of probes with different diameters and working lengths as well as camera and lighting technologies. This results in a huge range of configuration possibilities. Integrated into the cameras image sensors (AIT, Super Had CCD) are providing excellent image of the observed object. The latest innovations give the possibility to perform visual inspection in two directions simultaneously (dual view).

With the new PRO-SERIES, the new documentation platform forms the center of each video endoscope system. The software EIOS can be operated completely intuitively via the touch display. The software has various functions to optimally evaluate and archive the acquired data, as well as to forward or transfer it via USB or “wireless”.

Rigid and semi flexible Borescopes are intended for fast inspections of easy to reach areas in the industrial field, combining easy handling, high image quality, a durable design and a very attractive price in a unique way.

The flexible articulating Fiberscopes with optional light source are intended for observation of internal cavities and hard to reach or difficult areas in industrial or technical devices or objects such as frames, mechanisms, engines, pipelines, etc, which cannot be viewed from the outside or with direct line of sight.


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