QATM: Fully automatic cutting robot with max. 5 axes

January 2023

The Qcut 600 BOT cutting robot opens up new possibilities with its 5 axes (X-, Y-, Z-, B-, C-axis) and the generously sized machine table (Ø 600 mm) opens up new application possibilities. The automatic travel (X-axis) and cross-cut (Y-axis) reach speeds of up to 80 mm/sec thanks to its highly dynamic drives.

The rotary table (B-axis) has a swivelling range of 360° and can be modularly extended with an additional rotary axis (C-axis – swivel range of combined axes: B-axis: ±200° / C-axis 360°).

The cut-off wheel guard is guided in parallel during the chop cut to increase the cutting capacity of the cut-off wheel. The large sliding and side door, with safety lock when the cutting disc moves, ensures the best possible access to the large machine table.

Recirculation cooling and automatic central lubrication are integrated in the machine body of the robust steel construction. The Qcut 600 BOT can also be equipped with a belt filter unit as an alternative to the recirculating cooling unit.

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