Sonotec: How an app is revolutionizing steam trap testing?

March 2021

Is the steam trap working properly or is it defective? SONOTEC provides answers with the new SteamExpert app for the SONAPHONE digital ultrasound testing device.

With the SteamExpert app for the mobile testing device SONAPHONE, SONOTEC is expanding it‘s portfolio with a software application specially developed for steam trap testing. “Our latest app for the SONAPHONE digital test device accelerates the steam trap test workflow. Maintenance staff are guided intuitively through the entire testing process. A traffic light system can be used to immediately document on-site how the condition of the steam trap has changed. Thus, defective steam traps can be identified and replaced at an early stage. This not only saves time and money, it also increases operational reliability,” says Christian Schreiber, Business Unit Director for Preventive Maintenance.

With the latest software application, SONOTEC completes its ultra-modern maintenance product portfolio. While the new mobile application is used directly on site on the testing device, all steam traps can be entered quickly and easily in advance on the PC, with threshold values defined and routes planned. The SONAPHONE DataSuite software makes it all possible. The central data hub also allows trend analyzing.

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